Red Sox Nation with a gay flair

I'll give more than just my regards to Broadway!

Check out hottie pitcher Lance Broadway. Why do the White Sox get the cuties? Is that even his real name?

A Day of Mourning for Gay Red Sox Nation

Today is a sad day for gay Red Sox nation. Hottie GM Theo Epstein is officially engaged to long time friend Marie Whitney. Unfortunately, this means that Theo is officially off the market. Who does this girl think she is? Her name is Whitney but she ain't no Houston. Thanks to her, my future husband will never know that he could have been my future husband.

Hey Theo, now that you're taken, can you at least help a brother out and sign someone hot who we can obsess over?

Sugar Baby Love

Small Wang....get it? Hahahaha!

ARod has Pine Tar between his legs

Belli is Back!!!!

Tim Wakefield is going to be a whole lot happier tonight. The Red Sox have reacquired catcher Doug Mirabelli from the San Diego Padres. Hopefully Doug will hopefully help to produce some runs for Wake as well (even though he is only batting .182 this season). Let's make sure that Johnny-D is not the only person who gets a standing ovation tonight!

(oh, and check out his rookie that a jean shirt he's wearing?)


Big Papi wooed us all yesterday, when he dropped an amazing bunt single. That will teach them from putting on the shift again! Ortiz is a man of power and a man of finesse.

Any guys out there know how to bake? We should bake Big Papi a bundt cake!

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