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I hope he's right

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Here's an email conversation between me and my boyfriend from earlier today concerning our favorite center fielder. I'll put my comments in BLUE and his in PINK. ;-)

RED SOX PRESS CONFERENCE: Red Sox president Larry Lucchino and co-GMs Ben Cherington and Jed Hoyer will face the media at 2 p.m. today at Fenway Park, presumably to answer the many questions that remain in the wake of Johnny Damon's defection to the Yankees. We'll provide live
updates when it starts

Big show is making some very good points now....

Haha...I don't agree with them at all, except for the fact that they now have to overpay for Jeremy Reed or whoever they get

Steeply overpay for a center fielder
Lose pitching (they are going to need to give up Arroyo or Clement for a center fielder)
To top it all off, the Yankees get stronger, and they are within the division! Center field was a weak part of the their line-up last no longer is.

You can't say that... Johnny, along with Posada, Jeter, Arod and Sheffield are all another year
older. Is Johnny better than Bernie Williams? Without a doubt. Does this make the Yankees prohibitive favorites? I don't think so.
Pitching is still the key. As for the Sox, we can't judge the impact till a replacement is in
place. If they trade Wells for Dave Roberts and get Glaus from Arizona, you can then make the argument that they are actually better than last year. Trying to predict what they are going to do is not worth it. Also Clement and/or Arroyo were not and are not long for this team with or
without Damon.

The Yankees are a better team with Johnny Damon as their center fielder instead of Bernie Williams or Bubba Crosby. Despite overpaying (when has that EVER been an issue for the Yanks?), they will have offensive production from the top of their line-up and they didn't have to give anything up for it.
The Sox are a worse team with Jeremy Reed (they'll have to give up Clement or Arroyo and Reed is no way near the caliber of Damon), Coco Crispies (they'll have to give up Clement+prospect or Arroyo+prospect), Dave Roberts (he's the same age as Damon and has much less offensive production), Torri Hunter (bye-bye lots or prospects and pitching!!)
I'm by no mean a huge Johnny Damon fan, but the fact that he went to the Yankees is the issue. Granted a lot will change before spring training...I'm just not as optimistic today as I was yesterday.
Who would you rather have:
In favor of the Yankees:
Giambi or Youkilis?
Arod or Lowell?
Sheffield or Nixon?
In favor of the Sox:
Ortiz or Bwilliams?
Varitek or Posada?
Up for grabs:
Loretta or Cano?
To be determined:
Reed/Roberts/Stern/Hunter or Damon?
Manny or Matsui?
Cora/Mystery SS or Jeter?
All the TBD's are leaning towards the Yankees now (except if Manny stays). I hope Theo comes back and straightens everything out!!

Yes, but you didn't look at the pitching staff. Also one thing a team must assume is that one of its starters will have an injury. The Yankees do not have the ability to make moves when this happens, if it is Damon or Sheffield (both have bad shoulders; Sheff's are really bad), or someone else. The one thing money cannot do is get a player healthy. The Sox have people they can trade when/if this happens and they have more depth.
I agree that the Yanks offense is much better on paper as of today. What I am not willing to concede is that this means the Yanks are a MUCH better team. Offense was not the problem of either team last year. Last year only 3 teams in the AL scored more than 800 runs
1.) Boston 910
2.) Yankees 886
3.) Texas 865
So even with Bernie in center and Giambi getting off to a horrific start, they still did just fine scoring runs. Also, Damon does not replace Bernie (he is still projected to DH). He replaces Tino Martinez (1B).
The Yankees lineup isn't this new crazy offense...they are improved. Look at the Red Sox lineup from last year and do the same analyses you just did (what player would you rather have).
I bet last year the Yankees would have had the edge at most if not all positions as well, yet the Sox still led the league in runs.

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