Red Sox Nation with a gay flair

Lenny Dinardo has some motivated fans

He has a whole blog devoted to him!

He'll make many Italians proud playing for Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic. Lookin' good Lenny!

2005 Curt
(Watch out now!)

Rookies in Underwear

A right of passage for Red Sox rookies. Lookin' good boys...can anyone identify them all?

An American in HDTV in America!

So, while Jon and his Sexy boyfriend are in Paris (notice the sexy with a capital "C"!), I have been given the power of updating the Gay Sox blog--yeah, pretty big responsibility, but I know I'm up to it!

Over the past few days, I've spent a great deal of time in front of my new HDTV! And, on Friday, I watched "Faith Rewarded" to get me pumped up for the Sox season. Having HDTV gives me new insights into the Sox, and I feel as though I can see them now better than ever.

So, with that in mind...I have ranked the Sox in order of physical attractivesness in HD:

10. Jonathan Papelbon
9. Jason Varitek
8. Adam Stern
7. Bronson Arroyo
6. Tim Wakefield (cute, for an older guy)
5. Coco Crisp
4. Josh Beckett
3. Lenny Dinardo
2. Theo Epstein

and....the #1 best looking Red Sox:

1. Wally the Green Monster! (check out the fashion sense, too!)

Big Rig to Ft. Myers!

The Red Sox equipment truck left today for Ft. Myers....Spring training is almost here!

Our favorite second baseman / color commentator / dawg is now a Fenway hall of famer. Jerry Remy was announed today as one of the 2006 inductees into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Congrats Jerry!

OLYMPIC TANGENT: Jeremy Bloom loves Equinox Gyms

It looks like our favorite Olympian is the new spokesman for Equinox gyms. Why isn't there an Equinox gym in Boston? Why isn't Jeremy Bloom in Boston? If I go to Equinox gyms, will I have a body like Jeremy Bloom's?

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