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Hot Prospects - Kyle Jackson

Our scout PJ found this hot prospect on the Portland Seadogs. Kyle Jackson was the Red Sox's 32nd pick during the 2001 draft. Needless to say, he would definitely make the Sox more interesting to watch...let's hope he speeds through the minors!

So the Red Sox have brilliantly figured out another way to increase the cash flow over on Yawkey Way. Beginning April 11th, Red Sox Nation will be able to spend more of their money on the hometown team by buying Red Sox lottery tickets! Maybe I'll be able to buy Manny's apartment at the Ritz!

Bye Bye Bronson!

The Red Sox traded pitcher Bronson Arroyo to the Cincinnati Reds today for outfielder Wily Mo Pena. As difficult as it is to see Bronson get traded, I think that this was an inevitable move by the Sox. With a surplus of pitching, someone had to go. I know a lot of people don't think very highly of Matt Clement, but I think that he has the capability to be lights out. Bronson, on the other had, will be a solid 4 or 5 guy in a rotation and probably not much more than that.

And if anything, the Sox unloading another pitcher may mean that they are even more serious about getting Clemens....time to fire up the hot stove again!

Two more for Tito!

The Sox made a great move today by extending Terry Francona's contract through 2008. Terry has been a solid force for the Sox ever since he came aboard. Like most Boston fans, I have sometimes questioned his moves, but I don't think that we give him credit for one of the most difficult jobs in the MLB (Little, Kerrigan, Williams, Kennedy, Hobson, Morgan, McNamara can all tell you that!) Terry brought Boston the much needed championship rain after the long drought. But above all the nostalgia of 2004, Terry Francona is the best man to lead the Sox in 2006, 2007 and 2008. I am confident that the Sox will be in contention with Terry at the helm.

Is Wally going to be jealous of Cookie?

What I learned from this movie:
-Bronson can't sing; but he still looks hot
-C is for cookie
-Trot has a scary cookie monster voice
-Brownies can be called cookies if they're round and cut into pieces
-Gabe Kapler can bake AND he's hot!

Holy Shirt!!! Sleeveless Millar

So everyone has their Red Sox traditions. My friends and I wear shirts.

Exhibit A: Sleeveless Millar

This shirt isn't really a Kevin Millar shirt. In fact, it is just a red, sleeveless Sox shirt. But over time, and after many trips to 'Beer Express' behind home plate, it has been affectionately called 'Sleeveless Millar'.

Here's a quick Q & A with the wearer of Sleeveless Millar so that we can attempt to understand its mystery:

What is it about 'Sleeveless Millar' that gives it its power to help the Red Sox?
Good things happened when I wore that shirt. I think I even got laid a couple of times with it on. In general, it is good to wear Red Sox gear at the game (that way people know that you are not a secret Yankees fan).
*editorial addition - he even got a missed connection on craigslist while wearing this shirt.
*second editorial addition - the missed connection was at the Eagle.
*third editiorial addition - he did not reply to the missed connection.
*fourth editorial addition - at least as far as I know, he did not reply to the missed connection.

Are there any notable games when you have worn 'Sleeveless Millar'?
'Sleeveless Millar' had a great run. It was indeed this red sleevelss shirt that propelled the Sox into several wins in 2004, including Patriots Day and that day game where I got a sunburn on my feet. (Kevin Millar hit a home run that day too!) It then propelled us through the Mueller HR off Riveira game in July, which included the Varitek-Arod fight. It was then worn through the first round of the playoffs but abandoned for Ol' Red after the 0-3 deficit to the Yankees. Ol' Red did not lose for the rest of the 2004 playoffs.

What are you going to do now that Millar is on the Orioles?
Because I was smart enough to NOT purchase a shirt that had Kevin Millar's name on it, I don't think it will be an issue.

Are any new shirts going to make appearances at Fenway this season?
I am constantly on the lookout for a new lucky shirt, but this is impossible to predict. Clearly, being fashionable is not a prerequisite for being a lucky shirt. It would be nice if I could come up with a Coco Crisp related shirt, but you really can't force these things.

Stay tuned for Exhibit B: Blue Schilling

Boomer's Back!

Looks like our starting pitching is going to stay strong. David Wells has had a change of heart and has decided that he wants to stay with the Red Sox. David hopes to help the Sox win another championship, and I think that the Sox are definitely better off with his help.

So yes, the Blue Jays have gotten much better in the off season....but it is definitely too early to start seeing videos like this....

Spring Training Hotties

Ok, so first of all, it is great. I'm sitting here on a Saturday afternoon in March and watching baseball for the first time in a few months. Excellent.
Secondly, who are these hotties wearing Red Sox uniforms? Tyler Minges? Rodney Nye? I've never heard of them, but they're gorgeous! Make the team boys! Make the team so we can see more of you!

This is the only time of year when I'll cheer for a BC loss. The Boston College Eagles Men's Baseball team fell to the Red Sox 10-0 during Friday's exhibition game. And even though Curt was pitching against college guys, it was great to see him back to old form. It was even better to hear him say that he felt good out there on the mound.

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