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Holy Shirt!!! Sleeveless Millar

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So everyone has their Red Sox traditions. My friends and I wear shirts.

Exhibit A: Sleeveless Millar

This shirt isn't really a Kevin Millar shirt. In fact, it is just a red, sleeveless Sox shirt. But over time, and after many trips to 'Beer Express' behind home plate, it has been affectionately called 'Sleeveless Millar'.

Here's a quick Q & A with the wearer of Sleeveless Millar so that we can attempt to understand its mystery:

What is it about 'Sleeveless Millar' that gives it its power to help the Red Sox?
Good things happened when I wore that shirt. I think I even got laid a couple of times with it on. In general, it is good to wear Red Sox gear at the game (that way people know that you are not a secret Yankees fan).
*editorial addition - he even got a missed connection on craigslist while wearing this shirt.
*second editorial addition - the missed connection was at the Eagle.
*third editiorial addition - he did not reply to the missed connection.
*fourth editorial addition - at least as far as I know, he did not reply to the missed connection.

Are there any notable games when you have worn 'Sleeveless Millar'?
'Sleeveless Millar' had a great run. It was indeed this red sleevelss shirt that propelled the Sox into several wins in 2004, including Patriots Day and that day game where I got a sunburn on my feet. (Kevin Millar hit a home run that day too!) It then propelled us through the Mueller HR off Riveira game in July, which included the Varitek-Arod fight. It was then worn through the first round of the playoffs but abandoned for Ol' Red after the 0-3 deficit to the Yankees. Ol' Red did not lose for the rest of the 2004 playoffs.

What are you going to do now that Millar is on the Orioles?
Because I was smart enough to NOT purchase a shirt that had Kevin Millar's name on it, I don't think it will be an issue.

Are any new shirts going to make appearances at Fenway this season?
I am constantly on the lookout for a new lucky shirt, but this is impossible to predict. Clearly, being fashionable is not a prerequisite for being a lucky shirt. It would be nice if I could come up with a Coco Crisp related shirt, but you really can't force these things.

Stay tuned for Exhibit B: Blue Schilling

3 Responses to “Holy Shirt!!! Sleeveless Millar”

  1. Anonymous Witch City Sox Girl 

    While on the subject of fashion, what is your stance on socks up vs. non-exposed socks? I think if a player has the legs for it, a full on exposed red sock look is good. Varitek wears this exceptionally well. However, using the longer length pants would be a better proposition for players like Matt Clement, yet he insists on the more traditional ensamble.

  2. Anonymous Patrick 

    Witch City Sox Girl, I prefer the shorter length pants leg with the sox exposed. I find it quite sexy.

  3. Anonymous Witch City Sox Girl 

    I, too, prefer the more traditional look. One word: Trot.

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