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Big Papi wooed us all yesterday, when he dropped an amazing bunt single. That will teach them from putting on the shift again! Ortiz is a man of power and a man of finesse.

Any guys out there know how to bake? We should bake Big Papi a bundt cake!

Rick Vaughn Papelbon

Apparently, Jonathan Papelbon took a page straight from Major League. Jonathan made a bet with Kevin Youkilis that he would not be able to pitch for 10 innings without giving up an earned run. Well, thankfully for the Sox, he lost this bet last night vs. the Blue Jays and made it past the 10-inning mark without an earned run. With this said, Papelbon is now sporting a very stylish mohawk.

2006 Whiffle Ball Championship

Hot guys playing whiffle ball that turns into a Red Sox montage. Can it get any better?

If you build it, they will strike out

Let's face it, this ain't your granfather's Sox anymore. Unlike Red Sox teams of old that were offensive powerhouses, this 2006 team is build on pitching. Curt Schilling last night was amazing, lights-out, ridiculously good. It's so nice to see him bounce back and pitch with confidence again. Curt should open a landscaping business with the way he was mowing down Mariners last night (8 innings pitched, 7 strike outs, 1 earned run). Josh Beckett has posted similarly fantastic numbers early on in the season and has gotten us all excited that he will excel in the moisture-free, blister-free Boston climate. Early signs also show that Tim Wakefield will be the "sometimes inconsistent but I'd rather have him on my team than not" pitcher of the past. He's a great workhorse who'll win more games than he loses. And I really can't say enough about Jonathan Papelbon. The guy has been an absolute stud, dominating the opposing batters in all 5 of his saves.

With all of this in consideration, the Sox will inevitably run into problems when the pitching is less than superb. David Wells looked horrible on Wednesday. I hope that his problems really are caused by a sprained knee and that 15 days on the DL will be enough to get him back to old form. I also experienced Vernon Well's grand slam off of Matt Clement first hand on Thursday night. Let's just say that it was a great time to check out all the changes to Fenway Park during the rest of Clement's performance. Middle relief has been marginal at best, and could get shakier if Papelbon is forced to get shifted to starter and Foulke back to closer.

Oh, and by the way, the AL leader in wins is Curt Schilling (with 3), the AL leader in ERA is Josh Beckett (with 1.29), and the AL leader in saves is Jonathan Papelbon (with 5). If Clement and Wells can step it up (and/or if #21 is pitching for our boys come May/June) this team is going to be nasty! This season is definitely all about the pitching.

Sox Sign Coco

Coco's going to be a sox player for at least 3 more years. Granted he has yet to play a game at Fenway, but he seems to be fitting in very well with the team. After 5 games with the Sox, he already has 8 hits, 2 stolen bases, a broken knuckle, and a blog dedicated to him. Here's to more hits, stolen bases, and blogs in the future, and to less broken knuckles!

Awesome Commercial

So I was looking for Red Sox content on YouTube and came across this commercial for Children's Hospital at Dartmouth. It really is amazing. I'm not even going to try to write some profound thought because the tagline from the video sums it up quite nicely: "Let them worry about the important things." Baseball's just a game, but sometimes it's a nice diversion from reality.

About Spina Bifida

Leave it to one of our favorite culinary divas, Rachael Ray, to find out what #34's cooking. Turns out his fridge is stocked quite nicely!
David even has his very own seafood man. Yup, a guy comes to his house and brings him any kind of seafood he wants. Any kind. Any time. Wow.

David Ortiz's Celebrity Fridge with Rachael Ray


Bronson goes for #2 HR of the season! And his 1.98 ERA ain't too shabby either! Bronson, we miss you! (But on the flipside, we all knew that trading him now was for the long-term upside of Wily Mo. I just hope Wily will at least have as many HRs as Bronson this season!)

Big Papi gets Big Money. Everyone's Big Happy

David Ortiz is officially a Red Sox player for at least 4 more years! This is definitely great news for Red Sox nation. One of the most feared clutch hitters in the game, Ortiz is also a great face for the organization. Everyone loves Big Papi (well, except for opposing pitchers). It is great that Red Sox brass stepped up to the plate and recognized this before it was too late. The team realizes what an asset David is and was not willing to let him slip away. Papi's happy. The Sox are happy. The fan's are happy. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Can the Red Sox tear down Club Cafe?

That's basically what's going on down in DC. In order to make room for the Nationals stadium, the city is tearing down a whole lotta gay bars on 'O' street. Now, I've never been here before, but it definitely sounds like quite a seedy, Montreal's St. Catherine's St. style neighborhood, complete with go-go dancers, a "health club", and a "movie theater".

In order to better understand the fury of the neighborhood gay boys and girls, the Washington Post quotes Xavier: "Now they're going to build a baseball stadium here. And what are we going to do when it's done? Burn it down! That's right! We are gonna burn! It! Down! . . . [Bleep] baseball! Who gives a [bleep] about baseball?"
Don't mess with Xavier. He's crazy man...crazy. I think he just lost his red swingline stapler....

Bronson Arroyo hit the first home run of his professional baseball career today, helping the Reds to an 8-6 win over the Cubs today. Too bad he didn't get many chances to do that during his time in the AL. Congratulations Bronson! We're all rooting for you (even though it's strange to see you with a Reds hat on).

American Idol or Sox vs. Rangers?

I feel so conflicted. Thanks to the wonders of Tivo, I won't have to miss either, but which one am I going to watch live? Well, since Idol is down to the Top Nine, and the Sox also happen to be sending nine men up to the plate tonight, I figure that it's only natural to see which lineup is favored:

Kellie Pickler vs. Coco Crisp

Winner: Coco Crisp
Pickler just flat out annoys me. The girl can definitely sing, but her ignorance is brutal. "Saaaalllmon!" Come on girl. Coco, on the other hand, dazzled us yesterday with an amazing catch and had some nice hits at the top of the order.

Paris Bennett vs. Mark Loretta

Winner: Paris Bennett
Mark Loretta was great yesterday, and he is an awesome fit as second in the line-up. Unfortunately, today he's gonna be outdone by a sparkling 16 year old. Paris has got a great voice, she's an entertainer, and she's got personality. You rock Paris!

Mandisa vs. David Ortiz

Winner: David Ortiz
Big Papi vs. Big Girl. Mandisa has been one of my pre-season favorite Idols. When she sings, I am simply in awe. Her voice is powerful and she always looks like she's having fun on stage. But Big Papi is Mr. Clutch. He is unquestionably THE man. Starting opening day with a triple shy of the cycle, this guy has already kicked it up to mid-season form. Hey Theo, why doesn't he have a contract extension yet?

Chris Daughtry vs. Manny Ramirez

Winner: Chris Daughtry
This is closest match-up of them all. I may get some criticism for my choice, but I simply love Chris' rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Walk the Line'. I love Manny for being Manny, but Chris hasn't asked to leave the show to sign with 'Star Search'.

Taylor Hicks vs. Trot Nixon

Winner: Taylor Hicks
This was also a close competition, but Taylor sang one of my favorite songs last week (Ray Lamontagne's 'Trouble'). This alone pushed him ahead of Trot. I may have to reassess this contest towards mid-season, especially if Trot stays healthy.

Katharine McPhee vs. Jason Varitek

Winner: Jason Varitek
Katharine McPhee has a great voice and consistently wins me over. But she's up against stiff competition in Captain V-Tek. Katherine is a wannabee Idol whereas Varitek is already an Idol in my heart.

Ace Young vs. Mike Lowell

Winner: Mike Lowell
Hey, matching 1/8th of all the home runs he hit last year in one game has to count for something. Besides, Ace isn't even that cute.

Elliott Yamin vs. Kevin Youkilis

Winner: Kevin Youkilis
I just like saying Yooooooooook. He went 0-4 yesterday, but it's one game. Elliott just seems average. He's a good singer but nothing spectacular. Yooooooooooooook!

Bucky Covington vs. Alex Gonzalez

Winner: Alex Gonzalez
A-Gon's bat was pretty good yesterday (we won't talk about his base running but again, it's one game) Alex's defense is amazing. Bucky is a one tune singer. He'll probably do well tonight, since it's country night, but he'll soon be gone.

So, based on this sound statistical analysis, it looks like the Sox line-up beats the Idol line-up 6-3. But let's face it, we have 161 games left in the season! I'll probably still end up watching Idol!

Will it happen BEFORE or AFTER the date listed?

There are several online gambling sites that offer unique wagers. These are some Sox-related props that they should offer. You just have to decide whether the following events will happen before or after the date given below:

April 9 Keith Foulke gives up back-to-back home runs to blow his first save of the season
April 25 Jonathan Papelbon gets his first save of the season
May 1 Mike Lowell hits his first home run as a member of the Sox
May 3 Johnny Damon goes on the DL because of shoulder woes
May 7 Kevin Millar hit his first home run of the season
May 10 Julian Taverez is suspended for the second time this season
May 20 Julian Taverez is suspended for the third time this season
May 24 Theo skips Sox-Yanks to go see Pearl Jam at the TD Garden (really a yes or no given the Sox play the Yankees at Fenway and Pearl Jam is in concert the same night)
June 9 Josh Becket goes on the DL for blisters
June 17 Trot Nixon goes on the DL for something other than blisters
June 20 Craig Hansen is called up from the minors
June 21 Jon, the host of this site, is seen at Fenway wearing a pink "Hanson" t-shirt, originally purchased because of his obsession with Hanson, the 90's boy band
June 23 Wily Mo Pena hits a home run onto the Mass Pike
June 28 Pedro pitches a no-hitter [note that this is the middle game of a 3 game Sox-Mets Series at Fenway]
July 5 Manny fails to run out a pop up/ground ball in a key situation
July 13 Wally the Green Monster is seen playing left field [note: if Manny loses his uniform at the all-star game and is forced to borrow the Wally suit, this counts]
August 7 David Ortiz gets his 100th RBI of the season
September 5 Lenny Dinardo is seen in the crowd during "Out at Fenway III"
September 15th Coco Crisp becomes a 20/20 player, something Johnny Damon never did in Boston
September 20 Alex Gonzalez makes his 15th error of the season (Renteria had 30 last year)
September 30 Sox clinch a playoff spot


Opening day...It's opening day!
It's Max Bialystock's latest show
Will it flop or will it go?

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