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American Idol or Sox vs. Rangers?

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I feel so conflicted. Thanks to the wonders of Tivo, I won't have to miss either, but which one am I going to watch live? Well, since Idol is down to the Top Nine, and the Sox also happen to be sending nine men up to the plate tonight, I figure that it's only natural to see which lineup is favored:

Kellie Pickler vs. Coco Crisp

Winner: Coco Crisp
Pickler just flat out annoys me. The girl can definitely sing, but her ignorance is brutal. "Saaaalllmon!" Come on girl. Coco, on the other hand, dazzled us yesterday with an amazing catch and had some nice hits at the top of the order.

Paris Bennett vs. Mark Loretta

Winner: Paris Bennett
Mark Loretta was great yesterday, and he is an awesome fit as second in the line-up. Unfortunately, today he's gonna be outdone by a sparkling 16 year old. Paris has got a great voice, she's an entertainer, and she's got personality. You rock Paris!

Mandisa vs. David Ortiz

Winner: David Ortiz
Big Papi vs. Big Girl. Mandisa has been one of my pre-season favorite Idols. When she sings, I am simply in awe. Her voice is powerful and she always looks like she's having fun on stage. But Big Papi is Mr. Clutch. He is unquestionably THE man. Starting opening day with a triple shy of the cycle, this guy has already kicked it up to mid-season form. Hey Theo, why doesn't he have a contract extension yet?

Chris Daughtry vs. Manny Ramirez

Winner: Chris Daughtry
This is closest match-up of them all. I may get some criticism for my choice, but I simply love Chris' rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Walk the Line'. I love Manny for being Manny, but Chris hasn't asked to leave the show to sign with 'Star Search'.

Taylor Hicks vs. Trot Nixon

Winner: Taylor Hicks
This was also a close competition, but Taylor sang one of my favorite songs last week (Ray Lamontagne's 'Trouble'). This alone pushed him ahead of Trot. I may have to reassess this contest towards mid-season, especially if Trot stays healthy.

Katharine McPhee vs. Jason Varitek

Winner: Jason Varitek
Katharine McPhee has a great voice and consistently wins me over. But she's up against stiff competition in Captain V-Tek. Katherine is a wannabee Idol whereas Varitek is already an Idol in my heart.

Ace Young vs. Mike Lowell

Winner: Mike Lowell
Hey, matching 1/8th of all the home runs he hit last year in one game has to count for something. Besides, Ace isn't even that cute.

Elliott Yamin vs. Kevin Youkilis

Winner: Kevin Youkilis
I just like saying Yooooooooook. He went 0-4 yesterday, but it's one game. Elliott just seems average. He's a good singer but nothing spectacular. Yooooooooooooook!

Bucky Covington vs. Alex Gonzalez

Winner: Alex Gonzalez
A-Gon's bat was pretty good yesterday (we won't talk about his base running but again, it's one game) Alex's defense is amazing. Bucky is a one tune singer. He'll probably do well tonight, since it's country night, but he'll soon be gone.

So, based on this sound statistical analysis, it looks like the Sox line-up beats the Idol line-up 6-3. But let's face it, we have 161 games left in the season! I'll probably still end up watching Idol!

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